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We Repair Instrument Clusters

We offer professional dashboard instrument. cluster and speedometer repair for cars, trucks, RV’s, boats and more across a wide variety of domestic and foreign vehicles for consumers and businesses alike.

Our instrument cluster repair service resolves common failures such as failed odometer display, dash gauge, speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and dim, flickering or failed backlight.

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Dashboard Instrument Cluster Repair Service

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Our instrument cluster repair service is quick, easy and guaranteed to save you money. Our certified technicians can repair any kind of cluster. Best of all, we provide you an upfront quote so there are no surprises or hidden costs

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We carry instrument cluster parts for all cars, boats, SUV’s, Machinery both foreign and domestic brands

Information about our Instrument Cluster Repair Service

Do You Need To Repair Your Cluster?

Some of the faults in a cluster dash are not obvious, and they may not prompt you to rush to a repair shop. However, some of the indicators on the cluster are quite important, and you cannot drive safely without them. Come for a cluster repair if you find any faults.

What You Get From Our Dashboard Instrument Cluster Repair


When your speedometer works perfectly, you can be safe on the roads. Our main focus is always your safety and ensuring that your car is in its best shape. We deal with clusters, and therefore, we give the best.

Your Car Lasts Longer

One problem piled on another will cost your car a few years of life. There are parts of the cluster dash that alert you of any problems with your car engine, allowing you to fix the problem and keep your car in good shape.

If an indicator is ruined and you can’t tell when your car has engine trouble, you might end up stranded with a bad engine on the road, or the damage may be too big to fix by the time you learn about it. Our dashboard instrument cluster repair services help ensure that all the indicators are working, and you can keep your car in roadworthy condition for longer.

You Stay Out Of Trouble

The last thing we want is for you to end up in trouble with the traffic police. Therefore, we repair every part of your cluster, such as the speedometer, ensuring that it reads at the right speed.

Once you realize that your speedometer readings are a little off, ensure that you come to us so we can repair your cluster and keep you safe and out of trouble.

You Are Always Ready

Imagine having a fuel gauge that will not indicate the amount of fuel in your car. You could run out of fuel and end up stranded on the road. At Dashboard Instrument Cluster, we repair your fuel gauge to ensure that you can tell the amount of fuel you have and stay prepared.

Why Our Dashboard Instrument Cluster Repair Services Are The Best

We Have All The Parts

You do not have to worry about your car being a rare model at our repair shop. We take the initiative to go out to trusted junk yards to look for clusters like yours.

Anytime you need a cluster dash, we are here to help you. We have parts for every car, all common models, classics, and various machines.

Low Cost

We will repair your cluster at a good price that is unmatched. We believe in giving the customer the best at an affordable rate.

You pay per your service, making it much more affordable and manageable. If only one display is damaged on the cluster, we repair or replace it without requiring you to pay for the entire cluster.

We Know Our Car Brands

Having been in the cluster repair game for a long time, we know car models and the common faults of clusters. We can tell the issue with your cluster dash just by mentioning the car.

Therefore, we are your best bet, especially when you do not know exactly what is wrong with your cluster dash or which part could be faulty.

We are detailed oriented

We are experts at dashboard instrument cluster repair, and we leave no stone unturned. If you come in with a minor problem, we do not lazily brush it away and fix part of it, and let you leave. That’s not us!

We thoroughly monitor and inspect your cluster dash to ensure that we treat the root of the issue without leaving room for more damage.

You could bring your car in with a speedometer problem, but we will tackle it when we realize a fuel gauge problem. We pay attention to detail because we want you to stay safe and have a smooth ride in your car.

You get a warranty

Anytime we repair your cluster dash, you get a one-year warranty. That is how sure we are about our services and repair parts. Get your dashboard instrument cluster repair here and enjoy your one-year warranty!

You keep the mileage

We understand how important the mileage is, especially if you plan to resell your car and try to have timely car servicing. We, therefore, ensure that once you come in with an issue, we repair it without tampering with the original cluster dash. Therefore, we keep the mileage the same.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our goal as a cluster dash repair shop is to give our customers exactly what they need. We, therefore, ensure that we listen to them and take note of their needs and preferences to ensure that we meet them.

If our customers need quick services for their repairs, we ensure that we give that to them by guaranteeing a quick turnaround. This applies to both repairs and replacements. Working with us guarantees you a seamless customer experience.

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