2005-2012 FERRARI 458 Instrument Cluster Repair
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2005-2012 FERRARI 458 Instrument Cluster Repair

From $1,950.00

This is for a repair service for a 2005-2012 FERRARI 458 . Simply click on the button below and provide some information. We will give you an exact quote to repair your instrument cluster. If you have any questions, please check the FAQ information below or call us 1-954-842-4225 (USA) or 1-416-749-1212 (Canada), we’ll be glad to assist you

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Price From $1,950.00

Vehicle Type:CAR

Why do I need to submit a quote request and how long does it take to get a reply?

Rather then you sending us a cluster then we diagnose it and provide a quote,  if you provide some basic information and some photos, we can email you a quote. This saves you time and money.
We try to provide a quote within 1 business day.  If we need more information, we will call or email you.

How long do repairs take?

Our goal is to repair all  jobs within 72 hours of receiving the instrument cluster. 
However, depending on the workload we have and how busy we are at the time your instrument cluster arrives, repair times may vary.
*Please note, if you have a special model or additional components are needed, repairs can take longer.

Do you offer a 24 hours turnaround service?

Yes we do , we call it Expedite Service and you can request this service when you fill up our Pre Service Check   
*Please keep in mind some instrument cluster repairs will not qualify , the repair  might need more time due to condition or parts supply availability  even when expedited service is requested.

What is the difference between replacement and repair?

A repair allows you to keep all your original data and in most cases will be just plug and play after repair is done. We always recommend repairing the original instrument cluster first , if the original is not repairable we will put together a used instrument cluster that will work in your vehicle.
A replacement you may need to program that instrument cluster to the vehicle and sometimes you might need to make new keys or you might have other issues/problems, that’s why we recommend repairing the original.

Can I drive without my cluster?

No , we do not recommend to drive without the instrument cluster for many reasons but most of all, safety. It’s very dangerous to drive without a fully functional instrument cluster 

Does it need programming after the repair ?

No, you do not need to program it if we repair the original instrument cluster .
However, if you purchased an instrument cluster from another retailer and send it to us for repair, you may have to program it.

How can I be sure the parts will fit my vehicle?

It is VERY important that the information you provide is 100% accurate because every vehicle year/make/model is unique. 
This is also why we request you submit all vehicle information for a quote. This way we can validate the information, cross check with our database and ensure the cluster you receive will fit.
We welcome your emails and phone calls. please contact us if you have any questions

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